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Please sign up for delivering a learner lecture on one of the recommended texts, 5-7 minutes, using any medium but PowerPoint by editing this page and adding your name next to the appropriate session. Or tell us about a social media issue or aspect of social media issue that you know something about and are eager to teach others (for example, do you know something about editing Wikipedia, gamer culture, communities of YouTube video publishers). If you want to lecture on a recommended text, just sign up. If you have a different idea, run it by the instructor -- you'll probably get permission to pursue itNo more than two learner lectures per session.

Session Three: (Imagining Community))- Gabriel

===Session Four: (Virtual Community and Real Life) ("The Myth of Multitasking")=== Betty

Session Five: (Identity and Presentation of Self)- Gabriel

Session Six: (Social Networks) - Mia || (Music promotion online) - Luke

Session Seven: (Social Capital) - Michelle

Session Eight: (Collective Action)(Way new collaboration) - Fang

Session Nine: (Public Sphere) - Mia