Revised Class Structure 1/27/15

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As of 1/27/15, assignments and organization shall proceed with the following guidelines in mind:


  • Write 2 blog posts for every week - one will be a response to one of the readings, and one will be a response to a co-teacher’s blog prompt
  • Comment on one of these two blog posts for every person in the class - 5 comments total per week


  • We will be exploring Reddit as a new platform for our forum discussions; however, we may decide to return to the original platform should navigation be easier
  • Check the forum on at least two different days of the week to ensure that people actively participate in forum discussions


  • Everyone will go once (members of the class who have already taught do not need to teach again)
  • On days with no co-teaching scheduled, the class will prepare questions from the readings to bring into class to interview Howard

Other Details

  • The Lexicon, while still available, is now an optional resource to update; you are not obligated to use it or update it unless it is helpful to you
  • We are getting rid of collaborative projects in favor of higher quality online interactions in our blog comments and forum discussions
  • Reading questions are no longer required, although please come into class prepared to discuss them
  • Final narratives will still happen at the end of the quarter, so continue to update learning journals as we go along

Happy learning everyone!