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Write 2 blog posts for every week - one will be a response to one of the readings, and one will be a response to a co-teacher’s blog prompt Comment on one of these two blog posts for every person in the class - 5 comments total per week


We will be exploring Reddit as a new platform for our forum discussions; however, we have the freedom to return to this platform should we find it easier to navigate

Check the forum on at least two different days of the week to ensure that people actively participate in forum discussions


Everyone will go once (members of the class who have already taught do not need to teach again)

On days with no co-teaching scheduled, the class will prepare questions from the readings to bring into class to interview Howard

Other Details

The Lexicon, while still available, is now an optional resource to update; you are not obligated to use it or update it unless it is helpful to you We are getting rid of collaborative projects in favor of higher quality online interactions in our blog comments and forum discussions Reading questions are no longer required, although please come into class prepared to discuss them Final narratives will still happen at the end of the quarter, so continue to update those as we go along